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Meet Lizzie, Brown Tabby Tuxedo Cat For Adoption in Katy TX

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Katy, TX 77494
United States
(888) 720-3322 (Main Phone)
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For Adoption
Pet's Name
American Shorthair
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Lizzie is a Female Brown Tabby Tuxedo Cat for adoption to a very loving home in or near Katy, TX. This very special Cat is 5 years old and weighs 10 pounds.

You will love her quiet chirping meows. When she stands on her two back feet. The way she wakes people up in the morning rubbing her nose on yours. How she is always happy to see you when you come home. Her cute little short legs. She is a very special cat in need of a new home.

Her story:
Lizzie showed up on the back porch of my mother’s house about 3 years ago. My mom fed her outside for about a week and then eventually let her come inside the house. She plopped right down and acted like she had lived there forever. She got along easy with my moms two other cats but enjoyed being independent as well. When my mom took her to go get spayed the vet discovered she had already previously been spayed. So we’re not sure what her story is.

Regardless, she lived blissfully with my mom until March 2019. On March 17th 2019 my mother passed away by suicide. When she was found, Lizzie was curled up near my mother’s body. In my mother’s suicide note she made only one request, to please find a home for her cats. Since March my moms two other cats, Lizzie’s brother and sister, have unfortunately had to be euthanized for health conditions.

After being unable to find an immediate home for Lizzie, I took her home with me in hopes that my two cats would welcome her. Unfortunately that has not been the case. Currently Lizzie lives in my master bedroom and enjoys her room just fine. But having to keep all cats separated and tensions high between animals at all time in obviously not an ideal or permanent solution.

Poor Lizzie has had two adopters back out on her thus far. It really is best that she go to a home without other pets. Poor little cat, she didn’t ask for this situation to happen to her and we just want what is best for her. I know that’s what my mom would want too. Me and Lizzie miss her very much. I’m just trying to fulfill my moms request and find her a loving home.

There is a $35 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Lizzie? Contact our Katy Cat rehoming team today. Text “Lizzie” to (888) 833-2128 or email Lizzie@Cat-lover.us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Other Features
Loves to Nap
A Family Joy
Small Size
Affectionate With Family
Good General Health
Generally Quiet
Very Convincing
Tolerate Being Alone
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