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Pet Rehoming Network
Cookeville, TN 38506
United States
(888) 720-3322 (Main Phone)
Listing Status
For Adoption
Pet's Name
Australian Shepherd
Born On
Blue Gray

Aladdin is a male Australian Shepherd Border Collie mix dog for adoption to a very loving home in or near Cookeville, Tennessee. This very special dog is 5 years old and weighs about 40 pounds. Aladdin is in good health. He has been neutered and house trained. This well-behaved Border Collie mix is very devoted and loves to get attention and snuggle.

Aladdin’s owner is a young woman who recently became a mother. Aladdin is not used to small children or babies, and is quite wary of the infant. She is not able to give him the attention, exercise and mental stimulation that this herding dog needs to stay happy and healthy. She is hoping to find him a loving homw with a family who have older children, or an active adult couple. Aladdin would love to have a large, securely fenced yard and a dog friend to play with. He is an amazing dog that is so smart that he almost seems human.

If you have room in your heart and home for this very handsome Australian Shepherd mix dog, please offer Aladdin his forever home today. He can’t wait to show you the true meaning of unconditional love.

Request to Adopt Aladdin Here
There is a $150 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included.
Aladdin’s Personality
How loving he is, and how goofy. He loves to run around but can also be a lazy cuddle bug. Wants attention from every person he meets, even dogs from a distance.

Gets over excited, just loves people and attention so much Typically he is the sweetest boy but the unpredictableness of young kids can make him nervous Loves to be outside and explore, he needs a family that gets out a lot and will take him on hikes and stuff! He just isn’t getting stimulated here with us and I have a newborn he is nervous towards (he is very attached to me, but it was just us 2 for years). He barks a lot, I’ve never been able to break him of that. I’m a bit of a pushover but I just love him so much, he deserves a much better home where he will get all he needs

Aladdin’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?
Loves toys he can destroy – he loves pulling out stuffing and then destroying the squeakers inside. I feed him Rachel Ray’s dry and wet food. Loves to be outside and go on walks and explore.

Cute Aladdin Story:
He can always tell when I’m upset, becomes extra sweet and gives me love instead of me giving him love. I just loved that about him, but I think most dogs are like that. What makes them so amazing!!

Why is Aladdin Being Rehomed?
He is nervous around my newborn which has me worried. He is a bit too attached to me and doesn’t get enough exercise and stimulation here with me.

Aladdin’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:
No other pets or kids, except teen age or older. A person or couple who gets out a lot who will take him on lots of walks and hikes and get him out to explore. Fenced in yard, I have never trusted him outside a fence or off of a leash – he just seems like the type to see something to chase and run off and get lost.

Contact our Cookeville Dog rehoming team today. Text “Aladdin” to (888) 833-2128 or email Aladdin@Dog-lover.us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Breed is Highly Trainable
Not Good With Other Dogs
Well Trained
Other Features
Not Well Suited To Apartment Living
Need Lots Of Exercise
Loves to Nap
Extremely Friendly
Leaps Tall Buildings
Good General Health
Grows Medium Size
High Shed
Likes to Hang Out in the Garden.
Grooming Required
Not Kid Friendly
Poorly Suited To Be Home Alone
High Energy
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