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American Bulldog Mix Dog For Adoption in Fort Worth TX – Adopt Bentley

Pet Rehoming Network
North Richland Hills, TX 76180
United States
(888) 720-3322 (Main Phone)
Listing Status
For Adoption
Pet's Name
American Staffordshire Terrier
Born On
86 Pounds
Bentley is a lovely mix of American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) and American Bulldog for adoption to a very loving home within a reasonable distance of Dallas/Fort Worth. At just 18 months of age, Bentley has been fixed, fully vaccinated and microchipped. He is in excellent health, and is an absolute delight to spend time with.

Bentley has so many special qualities. He is the ultimate “love dog” and shows his love for his family in so many ways. He has such a sweet personality, and is very good with children.

Bentley’s owners are very sad to have to find him a new home. Unfortnately, Bentley and another dog in the home do not get along, and separating them is a must-do.

Bentley will thrive in a loving home where he is the only pet. Ideally, a country home would be best, since he takes his duty of patrolling the fence in the owner’s back yard far too seriously. A farm or acreage where he can practice his dog skills away from the city would be perfect for him.

if you are looking for just 1 very special dog to add love, joy, laughter and companionship to your life, please offer Bentley his forever home today. He can’t wait to show you the true meaning of unconditional love. Adopt Bentley today.

Request to Adopt Bentley Here
There is a $100 adoption/rehoming fee. Some supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Bentley? Contact our North Richland Hills Dog rehoming team today. Text “Bentley” to (888) 833-2128 or email Bentley@Dog-lover.us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Not Good With Other Dogs
Good Guard Dog
Can Be Aggressive
Other Features
Not Well Suited To Apartment Living
Very Convincing
Loves to Nap
Not Friendly to Animals
Leaps Tall Buildings
A Family Joy
Grows Big
Affectionate With Family
Excellent Guard Dog
Likes to Hang Out in the Garden.
Born Comedian
Need Lots Of Exercise
Poorly Suited To Be Home Alone
Big Appetite
Good General Health
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