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Pet Breeder Directory
Pet Breeder Directory
If you would like to be included here, please set up your breeder profile when you register and send us a link to your profile page.
Example: http://www.pluba.com//Pets/urban-puppies-profile-633.aspx
Fraud Alert
Fraud Alert
Fraud alert - watch out !
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Dog Training Products For Sale
Super lightweight nylon Siberian Husky collars
Easy to wear harnesses, bright toys and bite tugs.
American Bulldog harnesses for daily use
Strong and comfy dog collars, soft bite tugs and toys.
Amstaff dog muzzles of the safest materials
Small dog muzzles, large dog muzzles of leather and wire.
Bite sleeves and covers for Black Russian Terrier training
Decorated leather dog harnesses, multioptional leashes with strong hardware.
Bull Terrier dog muzzles of genuine full grain leather
Great variety of leather dog muzzles for several dog breeds.
Cane Corso muzzles for easy handling
German Shepherd dog muzzles, Doberman dog muzzles, Boxer dog muzzles.
Doberman collars for any time use
Leather dog collars, nylon dog collars, dog collars with patches, studs, spikes and decoration.
Dog bite sleeves for English Bull Terrier
Soft and strong harnesses and collars.
Dogue de Bordeaux muzzles of safe materials
Leather dog collars, comfortable harnesses and bright toys.
Durable and safe GSD training toys
Get the best fitting Harnesses, Muzzles, Elegant Collars, Strong Leashes for your German Shepherd. Choose among a great variety of them on this website.
French Linen bite tugs for Amstaff
Rubber dog toys, nylon and leather dog harnesses, decorated collars.
French Linen Mastiff bite tugs
Ordinary and luxury collars, soft genuine quality leather harnesses.
German Shepherd bite sleeves for effective work
Soft, comfy harnesses, collars and muzzles, durable leashes.
Good air flow Rottweiler muzzles
Brand new harnesses, collars, leashes and quality dog toys.
Handy nylon Boxer leashes for everyday use
Walk your dog with easy to wear harnesses and collars.
High quality English Bulldog leashes
Originally crafted collars, harnesses, muzzles and other dog stuff for having fun with your pet.
Leather Bullmastiff collars
K9 dog equipment for training and walking.
Leather Cane Corso collars with adornments
Training and walking harnesses and leashes, bite toys.
Leather, nylon dog harnesses for large dogs
Leather dog harnesses with spikes and studs, all weather nylon dog harnesses.
Metal chain dog collars
Pinch dog collars and prong dog collars for behaviour correction and easy controlling.
Metal collars for obedience training of Belgian Malinois
Leather and nylon collars and harnesses.
Metal training dog collars for Doberman
Soft padded collars and harnesses, walking leashes.
Nylon Rottweiler dog collars
Ordinary dog harnesses and dog training equipment with adornments.
Obedience training metal pinch/prong collars
Comfortable dog harnesses, spiked and studded dog collars.
Perfect fit Great Dane harnesses
Original quality collars, leashes, Herm Sprenger metal collars for obedience training.
Police canine training bite suits and sleeves
Bite sleeves covers, dog protection sleeves.
Practical and durable nylon dog leashes
Stylish dog collars of leather and nylon, variety of bite sleeves and bite tugs for training.
Schutzhund dog bite tugs of French Linen
Schutzhund dog training leashes and collars, harnesses and toys.
Soft and strong Doberman collars
Reliable leashes, comfortable harnesses, adjustable muzzles and bite sleeves.
Soft to touch elegant Labrador collars
Easy to wear harnesses, reliable leashes, bite tugs and toys.
Strict and elegant spiked dog harnesses
Walking, training and tracking dog harnesses for large, medium and small dogs.
Strong, reliable nylon dog leashes
Herm Sprenger dog leashes, anti-chewing dog leashes, durable leather dog leashes.
Training dog bite sleeves of strong and durable materials
Puppy sleeves, hidden dog sleeves, bite sleeves covers.
Training Herm Sprenger dog collars
Curogan chain dog collars, pinch and prong dog collars.
Wire dog muzzles for medium size dogs
Perfect air flow small dog muzzles and large dog muzzles.
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