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ID# 013541

Yellow Lab - Mix to Adopt in Seal Beach, Orange County CA

Pet Rehoming Services
Seal Beach, CA 90740
United States
(888) 720-3322 (Main Phone)
Listing Status
For Adoption
Pet's Name
Labrador Retriever
Born On
55 Pounds
Kansas lives in California. His goofy smile is heart melting, and he is a goofy fun dog if you can keep up with him. He's a very smart dog that likes to be active. While he is 6 years old, you wouldn’t know it from how much energy he seems to have. He is also very well house trained and can stay home for hours without chewing on anything or going to the bathroom in the house. He might benifit from having another dog around who can handle his high energy.

He pulls on the leash when walking and has not learned to walk at the current owner's pace. He likely wants a partner to jog with and who is experienced in walking larger dogs.

He is protective of the home and will bark if someone gets close to the house, but will stop barking once he knows it’s safe. Being able to give him time out in his own yard may be a help for this situation.

He is currently eating the grain free brand from Rachel Ray. He has tried a number of different brands to try to help with his allergies and none of them really seem to make the allergies worse or better. He has also had Iams for his first four years.

His owner recently took on a new job and work very long days and travel a lot. This makes for the pup being alone a lot. He regularly has a morning and evening walk but he want more exercise and activity than that.

We need to find someone that either has a yard or can take him on more frequent outings. The situation is stressful for his owner who wants Kansas to have a situation where he spends less time alone, and can get more activity every day.
The new job with the extra travel is a huge concern. This wonderful dog deserves a better life. Hopefully you or somebody that you know can help.
Other Features
Not Well Suited To Apartment Living
High Energy
Like Public Television
Need Lots Of Exercise
Dog Friendly
High Intensity
Tolerate Being Alone
May Bark at Cars
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