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ID# 009848

Stunning Tortoiseshell Persian Mix Cat For Adoption 4 YO F

Pet Rehoming Services
San Francisco, CA 94115
United States
888-720-3322 (Main Phone)
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For Adoption
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10 Pounds
Our names are Macy and Tiki. Macy is the beautiful brains of the operation… a gorgeous tortoiseshell long haired Persian mix cat, aged 4. Tiki is her happy go lucky sidekick, an adorably fat black cat – his head is way to small for such a round body!

This pair of purrers are about the most cuddly cats you will meet. They love each other and cuddle up regularly, and they also love to snuggle their human. Both cats are very healthy, fixed and are very well behaved and clean. No litter box accidents with these two!

Their owner is a single woman in her fifties who has fallen on very difficult times. After losing her long-term job and being unable to find employment, she has reached the end of her savings, and is destitute. Family members in Europe have sent her a plane ticket home, but she cannot take the cats along with her. These are her babies. They have been her constant, pampered companions for so many years, and she is absolutely devastated – and frantic – about finding them a very loving home.

The situation is extremely urgent, as her flight for Germany leaves tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. She is dearly hoping to find a cat lover who will cherish these two together, and who will be willing to stay in touch.

If you have room in your heart and home for Macy and Tiki, please call us ASAP. They are located in San Francisco, but would be well worth the trip – they are very special.

The cats will come with all supplies, including a lovely cat tree, cat litter boxes, beds, a supply of food, cat litter, treats, toys and more.

Please help bring about a happy ending to this very sad situation, and offer Macy and Tiki a loving home today.
Handicapped Helper
Potty Trained
Other Features
Adapts Well To Apartment Living
Better Than a Spouse
Kid Friendly
Cuddles on Lap
A Family Joy
Affectionate With Family
Grooming Required
Loves to Kiss
Extremely Friendly
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Good General Health
Generally Quiet
Dog Friendly
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Tolerate Being Alone
Cat Friendly
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