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ID# 015785

Mac - Yellow Lab Mix for private adoption in Houston TX

Pet Rehoming Network
Houston, TX 77009
United States
(888) 720-3322 (Main Phone)
Listing Status
For Adoption
Pet's Name
Labrador Retriever
45 Pounds
Mac is frisbee fanatic. When he’s not catching the frisbee, he loves to run around the house or yard with the frisbee in his mouth. He also likes rope toys and never turns down a dog treat of any kind. Even the neighbors love Mac. The problem is his family is growing fast and Mac's losing a lot of attention to the very young kids and his owners want to place him in a great home that can give him the atttention and exercise that he needs before more kids come along. Mac has a great personality as he always wants to play, snuggle or help out. His owners want to set him up in a great home where the kids won't start to take over his people time. A family with somebody home all the time, or older kids who can play with him would be great. He would be great with a bigger yard.
ac is an amazing Yellow Labrador Retriever mix dog for private adoption in Houston, Texas. Aged 8, Mac is healthy, fixed, up to date on shots and house broken. He is the ultimate family dog – a sweet, cuddly, devoted, 45 pound bundle of love and licks.

Mac loves people of all ages and sizes. He is great with kids, and welcoming to visitors to the home.

Mac is a “frisbee-a-holic”. In his “perfect world” he would chase and catch a frisbee all day long, every day. He also loves cuddling, and his presence next to you is one of the most comforting experiences in life.

Mac’s owners are very sad to have to find Mac a new home. They want the best for this beautiful soul, and are not able to give Mac the attention and exercise that he very much needs and deserves.

With small children in the home and working long hours, it is really difficult to have any time or energy to spare. Finding a great home for Mac with people who can make him their focus is their fondest hope. He would be a fantastic addition to almost any home, providing his new owners are able to give him their time and attention. He needs daily exercise and to know that he is a first hand family member.

Mac will be rehomed with all of his supplies and vet records. Please offer this great dog the loving home he needs and deserves today. Mac can’t wait to meet you and charm his way into your heart and home.
Questions about Mac - text "MAC" to Text: (888) 833-2128
There is a $100 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included.
Very Docile
Other Features
Not Well Suited To Apartment Living
Very Convincing
Cuddles on Lap
High Energy
Kid Friendly
Affectionate With Family
Need Lots Of Exercise
Loves to Kiss
Extremely Friendly
Dog Friendly
Good General Health
Likes to Hang Out in the Garden.
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