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If you have been looking for a Cockapoo for adoption, Frankie is waiting to meet you in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Frankie is young and healthy. He is a handsome male dog with an apricot colored coat and big, beautiful brown eyes. He looks very much like a purebred Cocker Spaniel, although he is most definitely a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.

Frankie Cockapoo Cocker Spaniel Poodle Dog For Private Adoption Toronto Ontario
Frankie is looking for a very special forever home. He needs to be an only pet in an adults-only home. Frankie as about the sweetest dog you will ever meet, but he has some quirks that make him unsuitable for many situations. Frankie came from a rescue, and his owners were not informed that he has some behaviors that can be triggered in certain situations.

In a quiet home with a very strong routine, and with an owner who understands dog behavior, these issues should not be a problem. He has some fear aggression around children and other dogs. It is important that Frankie find a home with an experienced owner and an environment where he can feel safe with few surprises.

He also has some food aggression, which just means he may nip if you try to take something away from him. Other than these issues, Frankie is the ultimate lap dog. He’s smart, sweet and a wonderful companion.

If you have the right situation for Frankie, and would like to offer him his forever home, please reach out to us by filling out our request to meet a pet form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

There is a $150 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included. Questions about Frankie?? Contact our Toronto dog rehoming team. Text “Frankie” to (888) 833-2128 or email

His behavior issues:
We adopted him from a rescue. We were told that he bit a child at his previous home. We were told it was probably the child who was acting out of turn. In the year and a half we have had him we have experienced the following regarding his behaviour:
– he does not like to be pet by people he does not know
– it takes him time to warm up but once he knows you’re his people he will cuddle up to you, ask for belly rubs, give you kisses, lick your hands..etc
– we had success keeping him with people using twice and then unfortunately on our third time, he bit the person who was looking after him.
– so generally speaking he trusts only my partner and I
– he does not respond well to change, if he is brought to a cottage for example he may regress and show signs of possessive aggressiveness as a result of being moved around ( we took away his bed for this reason, he bit my fiance while he moved his bed when we were at a cottage, he sleeps on a chair/ on the couch at our house now)
– this is not a bad dog by any stretch he just needs a very experienced owner, who doesn’t have a lot of people coming and going and who most definitely will not have children in the home or when they do, Frankie will be crated.
Can Be Aggressive
Not Good With Other Dogs
Will Bite if Encroached
Other Features
Loves to Nap
Grooming Required
Not Kid Friendly
Affectionate With Family
Good General Health
Highly Sensitive
Not Friendly to Animals
Poorly Suited To Be Home Alone


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