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Gracie – Labrador Retriever Dog For Adoption in Baltimore MD

Pet Rehoming Services
Baltimore, MD 21206
United States
(888) 720-3322 (Main Phone)
Listing Status
For Adoption
Pet's Name
Labrador Retriever
75 Pounds
Gracie – Labrador Retriever Dog For Adoption in Baltimore MD
Gracie is an incredibly affectionate, loyal and devoted female yellow Labrador Retriever mix. She is 8 years young, healthy, up to date on shots, spayed and house trained. Gracie weighs 75 pounds.
She is being rehomed because her current owners have significant health issues that are are worsened around this non-hypoallergenic pet.

She adores children and people in general and is good with cats. Gracie needs a loving home where she can be the only dog. She is generally good with other large dogs, but has a very strong dislike of small dogs, particularly little dogs that think they are big dogs and show aggression or dominance towards her.

Gracie MUST be on a leash at all times when outside the home. (If she is on a leash, obviously, she is more controllable. Also, when on a leash, she will lunge at a small dog, but she will stand down when ordered firmly by the human with her.) This is important for her new family to understand. Gracie would not be a good dog to take to a dogpark for exercise.

What Gracie offers:
Unconditional, total, absolute love. Whenever we come home, she is ready and waiting at the door. A beautiful thing to come home to.

Intelligent. Shes a truly brilliant dog. She is quick to learn most commands (I say most because, no matter how we try, weve never been able to train her to fetch. Everything else was quickly and easily learned. I think she considers it beneath her : > ). She quickly learned our schedules and will actually come to nudge me when its bedtime.

Beautiful. She is beautiful to look at, and has an absolutely beautiful personality.

Obedient. She really is very obedient although, she really DOES obey my husband more than me. Hes definitely her alpha. When theres food involved, she is, admittedly, a lot slower to obey. But she gets there.

Quiet. Weve had her about 7 years, and I think shes barked 20 times or less. I dont mean 20 barking sessions, I mean a single bark. Usually to get our attention if shes in the yard, and were not in the kitchen.

Favorite toy: anything with a squeaker. ESPECIALLY anything fuzzy, with a squeaker buried inside of it. We tend to buy the cheap ones, because shell go crazy with them, pounce on them and, as soon as the squeaker is pulled out and destroyed, she drops it. However, she will randomly find one that she loves I havent yet figured out how to tell what shell choose and even after the squeaker is demolished, she caries it around with her.

Favorite foods: yes. Seriously, Ive seen her eat broccoli and green beans. We feed her Purina ProPlan, large breed formula. She prefers chicken to lamb. Sometimes, instead of putting her meal in her dish, Ill put the food into a 20 oz plastic water bottle, with the label torn off and toss it to her. She gets excited having to work for her food, it occupies her for a few minutes and makes her happy. If I really want to treat her, I add a little peanut butter to it, and she has fun for quite a while.

Ill also occasionally buy femur bones at the grocery, or steak bones if they have them. Shell chew on them longer than she will a store-bought rawhide bone.

Favorite activities: walks. Walks and more walks. Going for a ride in the car. Chasing squirrels into the tree in our yard.

Gracies Perfect Adoptive Home:
We want a family that WANTS a beautiful, loving, obedient, playful dog, and will treat her that way. Someone that can love her, can be happy with her, and can also give the time and energy to do so.

A family with kids would be perfect she loves children, and they have energy to play but its not vital. Someone that understands that shes a cuddler, but not a lap-dog (even if she sometimes thinks she is), and wants to snuggle her as well as play with her. Someone with ability to take her for walks, and has access to grass for her to play.

Someone who will be happy to come home to a dog and willing to put everything down the moment they come in the door to pet her, fuss on her, and maybe even play a bit.

How To Adopt Gracie

If you are interested in adopting this special Labrador Retriever Dog For Adoption in Baltimore MD, please fill out our online meeting request here. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting to determine for certain if she is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for her.

Questions About Gracie?? Text Gracie to (888) 833-2128 or email AdoptGracie@dog-lover.us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Good on a Leash
Not Good With Other Dogs
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Not Friendly to Animals
Cuddles on Lap
Extremely Friendly
Affectionate With Family
Good General Health
Generally Quiet
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Poorly Suited To Be Home Alone
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